2018 Exhibitor List


Northstar Research

Stand No. IF41

Unit B3, City Cloisters,, 196 Old St
United Kingdom

020 7824 9870

Who are we? We are a full service, global insights agency based in London, New York and Toronto. We use tried and tested methodologies as our foundation, but we do things differently and are passionate about reinventing market research for clients looking to reimagine what market research can do for them.

How can we help you? We use qualitative, quantitative, continuous methods and graphic design to deliver best in class insight best in class insight communication to propel our clients’ business forward. By thinking creatively during research design, we increase levels of participant engagement to reveal more of what you need to know. By thinking differently in how we deliver findings, we increase levels of engagement within your organisation to make your stakeholders really listen to and action insight.

Where can we help you? 70% of our studies are international. We are experts in designing, executing and delivering research anywhere from Sydney to Shenzhen.

Why should you get in touch? We help elevate research within organisations, our insight has commercial impact (MetFriendly’s new business increased 50% in 2017 vs. 2016 after actioning our insight), our deliverables have reach (our TV episodes were viewed 2,500 across Jaguar Land Rover), and the industry values us - over 2016 and 2017 we:

• Won/were nominated for 11 awards

• Spoke at 17 industry conferences

• Had 58 thought pieces published

Who are we proud to call clients? Jaguar Land Rover, Asda, Boots, Penguin, Audi, Goldman Sachs, Volvo, Hotels.com, B&Q, Oxfam, Diageo, Delta, Ford, Arm, Britvic.

Our Insight Methods

We don’t believe in off the shelf solutions so you won’t catch us trying to sell you a generic methodology. We treat every brief as unique and challenge ourselves to think beyond what’s been done before and focus on the best way of finding out what you need.

For example, we use the power of TV show formats as a way of increasing participant and stakeholder engagement, accessing system 1 thinking and gaining deeper insight:

• Qualitatively, we have completely re-imagined how to execute and disseminate target customer exploration by creating our very own version of The Apprentice (for Jaguar Land Rover) and Come Dine With Me (for Asda) which were then made into episodes aired across the organisations. We are now developing a Dragon’s Den format for NPD research!

• Quantitatively, we have developed a new pricing methodology “That’s Too Much” which uses a gameshow format, where contestants are given points for accuracy and speed, to ensure willingness-to-pay measurements and client’s resultant pricing strategies are grounded in consumer truths.

Our Insight Communication

We like to go beyond passive debriefs and curate Insight Campaigns. This involves: disseminating insight across multiple channels - film, events, printed collateral, guerrilla marketing - to breakthrough inertia and put research where it is least expected; creating branded projects and clubs that elevate research and your teams want to be part of; communicating insight in real-time through bespoke websites; and our in-house design team uses visualisation to help communicate insight before a word is read.


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