“91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again.” – Lee Resources. If your customers are not satisfied with you, then chances are they will not be your customers for much longer. Collecting customer feedback is vital to better understand how your customers feel and reduce the number of unhappy customers and improve your business.

Customer satisfaction surveys allow companies to get an understanding of how their customers feel and identify areas they are performing well in. However, traditional online surveys are seeing large drops in completion rates and poor-quality insight as customers get a severe case of survey fatigue. 

That is where Wizu comes in. Wizu is a chatbot for conversational surveys that helps you measure and improve customer satisfaction through engaging, personalized survey conversations. Wizu uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence and text analytics technology to understand customer emotion offering a deeper insight than traditional surveys. 

Wizu allows you to go beyond metrics like the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and delve deeper into why the customer provided that rating. Wizu customer satisfaction surveys can be used to measure customer support interactions, collect product feedback, track website or product satisfaction and many more.  

Wizu offers an innovative approach to customer surveys by offering a conversational experience. Wizu can reference any customer information you have and react differently depending on the answer the respondent gives. This allows you to delve deeper into the details with Wizu asking relevant follow up questions and routing the conversation based on sentiment or keyword triggers. 

Fusion Software have worked in the Market Research and CRM industries for over 15 years, developing tools to gather feedback from respondents to drive behaviour change. In 2015 Fusion Software sold the IP of its Mojo Surveys / Voice of the Customer product to Microsoft, which is now fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the Voice of the Customer solution. 

Find out more about Wizu by calling 0800 433 7075, emailing info@wizu.com or visiting

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