Call for Papers 2019

Our 2019 Call for Papers is now open.

This is the only way to secure a speaking slot at Insight Show 2019.

Early bird entry cost is £2,500 per paper (EB available until Friday 7 September - Normal rate is £2,750) and is open to all businesses that wish to speak at the show.

All submitted papers will be judged by an Industry Panel. The 10 papers judged the best will form the content of the Headline Stage. Papers not making the top 10 will be presented on the Insight Showcase Stage with presentations lasting 35 minutes.

All papers entered will be presented at the show.

This year we want to move the conversation forward. We invite submissions which can demonstrate the following:

  • Ground breaking methodologies and best practice in research by clearly demonstrating KPIs and effectiveness
  • Understanding of the client’s business issues where applicable
  • Taking into consideration the societal context
  • Smart use of new technology in research (i.e. AI, machine learning, AR, VR, 360 video)
  • Case studies should value scientific, statistical and analytical methods and techniques in research to gain insight or support decision-making
  • We welcome case studies that demonstrate cost effective solutions for clients

    If you have any questions or need some more information around the call for papers please contact Rosie Bolam on 020 7970 4411 or

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